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Capture Best Email Address With Only ONE CLICK!

Grab your visitors email address with a click of a button and let your autoresponder do the rest!

Dominate With Facebook Notifications!

  • Let visitors return to any URL you specify!
  • Re-target Subscribers Without Ad Costs!
  • Obtain your customers best email address with ONE-Click, the one he uses for Facebook!
  • Notifications Straight Into Facebook! It lights the notifications jewel on Facebook instantly.
  • Personalized Messaging by including your customer’s details in your message.
  • Full set of our emoticons to share your relevant emotion with your audience.
  • NO SPAM BOX! You won’t lose any messages to SPAM again!
  • High Click Through Rate (CTR)! Up to 90% open rates & up to 50% click rates!

Integrates With All Major Autoresponders!

Get These Amazing Features!

  • Schedule fully customizable messages to be sent when you want, acting like the autoresponder for Facebook notifications.
  • Choose from 2 different opt-ins and customize colors, text, add your pic or logo.
  • A Custom Button Code that will let you can put a button anywhere on your site to have your visitor signup to Facebook Push Notifications.
  • Easily link your RSS Feed to post notifications AUTOMATICALY into Facebook Notifications.
  • Adaptive Scheduling that does all the time calculating for you allowing you to send notifications to users all over the Globe in their own timezone.
  • A/B testing so you know which message converts better.
  • Advanced Filtering & Segmentation for super focused targeting!
  • Detailed Statistics & Reports for tracking subscribers, clicks segmented by Name, Email, Gender, IP Address, City, Country, OS platform

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Fast Action Bonus #1

47 PRE-MADE Professionally Presented Intro & Outro Videos (VALUE: $397)


Simply Follow 3 Easy Steps

Use these professional spokesperson videos to start and end your promo. and light up any offer and get the action that you desire from any hungry buyer.

  • Convey Your Message Faster

    A single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. In seconds, a video can use sound, images, and text to convey a message that would take pages to get across in writing.

  • Accelerates Your Growth

    The Video Tree Sequence entertains your viewers until they take action, growing your visibility, increasing your sales conversion and maximizing your return on investment.

  • Attention Grabber & Retainer

    Your average person has an attention span of 8.25 seconds ( The average attention of a goldfish is 9 seconds. VTS optimizes these first 8 seconds to the Maximum to keep viewer watching.

  • Makes Your Message Personal Again

    By choosing the most carefully selected video spokesmodel, based on our inhouse developed recruitment criteria and years of video experience, VTS guarantees a personal touch.

  • Drives Your Viewers to Action

    Lead your visitors to take action under the direction of the spokesperson, carefully sequenced intros and outros.

  • Loves to Work with Search Engines (SEO)

    Website content that is rich in video tends to keep visitors on the page much longer. Google and other search giants, love and give preference to websites with video.

  • Integrates With All Social Media Platforms

    VTS Delivers videos for use on all social media platforms and drives traffic to your website, where you can engage with your viewer without the distractions of advertisements.

  • Strengthens Your Brand

    A brand is identified and recognized by the face which represents it. Choose the right face, or the right spokesperson for your company and you can catapult your business forward.

  • Never Sleeps

    VTS is your doorman, receptionist, guide and sales representative all-in-one! VTS never sleeps and will work for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Full Page Call-To-Action Pagebuilders For WordPress (VALUE: $97)

The Strategy To Triple Your Opt-ins Instantly In Just 60 Seconds!

PageHat 2.0 Pagebuilder

The first ever Full Page Dynamic Call-To-Action Page Builder for the online marketer that wants a sure way to build a list of highly responsive YES buyers FAST... And that will start generating YOUR massive list in a matter of SECONDS, so YOU can start earning insane commissions INSTANTLY!

  • full screen call to actions for any website in less than 60 Seconds.
  • A proven method to double & triple conversions and optins.
  • A strategy used by Multi Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Uber, Spotify, Instagram & Paypal.
  • You save 100s or 1000s in designer and developer fees.
  • Stunning looking templates to please any marketer in any niche.
  • Works with all major auto-responders.
  • A/B Testing to find your most converting Pagehat.

Fast Action Bonus #3

WP Engage Plugin (VALUE: $97)

WP Engage

WP Engage + Plugin is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys.


Fast Action Bonus #4

Catchy Headline Generator (VALUE: $47)

Catchy Headline Generator

Would You like to Multiply Your Website Conversion and Boost Your Sales? This Tool will Generate Catchy, Attention Grabbing, Profit-Producing Headlines in 9 Seconds or less!


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This literally makes it a risk for you not to try!

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